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Blood Glucose CGM Displays: Sugar Pixel, Glowcose & Tidbyt

Feb 1, 2024

Justin Eastzer

You need these three blood sugar displays around your house!

These three blood glucose displays connect to cgm readings. The SugarPixel and Tidbyt connect to Dexcom or Freestyle Libre 2 & 3. Libre cgms require a Nightscout link to connect. You can get one of these links using the Gluroo app (the sponsor of this video).

Glowcose uses light and the colors of the rainbow to display glucose levels. Red is low, green is in range, and pink is very high with colors in-between. Currently Glowcose only works with Dexcom, but Glowcose team hopes to bring Libre readings to the device in the near future.

Check out the CGM Reading Displays:

Sugar Pixel: 



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