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Pharmasens Eyes an All-In-One Insulin Pump & CGM

Feb 10, 2024

Justin Eastzer

Pharmasens sends in 510(k) clearance application to the FDA for its first insulin pump making it one step closer to producing an all-in-one pump and cgm.

Pharmasens has sent in an application to the FDA seeking 510(k) clearance for its Niia Essential pump. The Niia Essential is the first iteration of a line of three insulin pumps Pharmasens plans to release.

The final pump planned for release is called the Niia Signature and would be an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor all-in-one. Our video covers Pharmasens' FDA application, how the Niia Essential pump works, and what the future Niia Advanced and Niia Signnature pumps will look like.

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