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Feb 9, 2024

Justin Eastzer

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I tried out the GS1 cgm from SIBIONICS in China. The cgm is currently available throughout Asia and Europe - no word on if or when the device will come to the US and elsewhere.

The 14-day wear cgm has a water-resistance rating of IPX8 and comes with an included patented' overlay patch. The sensor has an accuracy rating of 8.83% MARD. The lower the MARD, the better accuracy; for comparison, the Dexcom G7 has an overall MARD of 8.1% and the Freestyle Libre 3 has an overall MARD of 7.8%.

The sensor sends glucose readings to a smartphone app every five minutes. I'll have more thoughts on the cgm and its tagalong iPhone app in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

*Correction - SIBIONICS headquarters and this cgm is manufactured in Shenzhen, China. The Instagram Reel incorrectly states the cgm is from Hong Kong. This is where SIBIONICS marketing and sales is located.

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